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Attorney (age 42)
Fort Lauderdale, FL
This is my weekend and casual Friday EDC. (can't have a knife in the court house!) These things get me through the day no matter what the day has in store for me. Although the bean is a tad bit expensive, it is a great EDC knife that doesn't make you look like a serial killer when you pull it out. The Lux Pro Flashlight on the other hand is an inexpensive light that stands up well next to its more expensive brethren. What I truly love is the inexpensive and lightweight Backpack Power Pac (the case, battery, cable and charger). I use my phone a lot during the day and the pack allows me to not have to worry about whether or not my phone battery will die during a client phone call, or more importantly an epic game of 1010.

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Josiah R ·
The bean is pretty cool. I just don't think I could stomach paying that much for a knife...
I know what you are saying. Normally, I don't subscribe to the idea that your EDC needs to be comprised of the fanciest of products (most of my EDC is under $10) as your EDC should be an ongoing representation of what you need in your daily life and everyone has many different phases in thiers. Unless you have Opraha type money, you and you EDC would be SOL pretty quick. That is why I got my bean used on eBay after nearly a year waiting for the right priced one to pop up time. I just loved the timeless style I was willing to splerge a little! If I treat it right, I should even be able to put it back on eBay should I ever get tired of it being in my EDC.