Black and Copper Carry

Gary Blevins
Orange County CA
This carry covers it all and includes all of my favorites including the newest addition to the Tooligan EDC pocket tool line-up, the S.O.S.

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Chris Butterfield ·
I love the copper! You may like my Kickstarter project, The FlatTop. Its a spin coin hand made in copper, brass or aluminum. Check it out at www.flattop.rocks
Joe ·
Caffeine addiction? I can relate.. I had put two Starbucks instant coffee packs in mine (best imho), a tea bag, a couple of Dunkin Donuts sugar packets but then I started throwing bandaids in it. Today it's now a personal medic pouch with caffeine tabs as a backup.
Robert Razavi ·
May I ask: how did you manage to purchase the Bux Box wallet? their site says "coming soon".... I would really like one!
Gary Blevins ·
Hi Robert! That's prototype with a modded buckle. The maker is a friend of mine and I was lucky enough to grab one for testing. The Kickstarter orders ship soon and he will offer them on his website right after.
Robert Razavi ·
And how to get a modded buckle? That thing is awesome!
Robert Razavi ·
Beautiful patina on the Maratac! Wow!!!!
Gary Blevins ·
Thanks! Only gettin better with time
Tony Carino ·
I'm wondering what's in the Altoids tin, and ho you distressed it. Looks cool
Gary Blevins ·
I keep an instant coffee stash, stirring stick and some gum. I kinda went nuts with a wire brush and torch on that one and topped it with the ranger band
Christian A R Tucker ·
I especially like the Hank.
Gary Blevins ·
Check out Uzin hanks on IG and Big Cartel..its the "Fallout" hank.