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Leatherman OHT

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Leatherman OHT

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When it comes to full-sized, one-handed multitools, you're faced with a difficult choice. You either get the convenience of quickly accessing heavy duty pliers, or you save on pocket space with a one-handed opening blade as the multitool's main feature. But what if you could get both, along with 14 other tools from one of the best brands in the business?

The OHT, or one-handed tool, has a name that gets straight to the point to tell you what it's all about. You can access 12 functions single-handedly from each of the OHT's arms, both of which have embossed imprints for easy identification of the tools beneath. Among the tools are two heat-treated 420HC stainless steel blades and a wide range of drivers and wrenches. You get four more functions from its spring-loaded main pliers made from high-carbon, corrosion-resistant 154CM steel. The OHT also comes coated in black oxide for reducing glare and reflection, ideal for discreet operation.

If you need a full-sized multi-tool that’s easy to use, the OHT is hard to beat. Grab one with a MOLLE sheath in black or brown at the link below.

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DefenderDad ·
love the tools on it but man is it HEAVY.
Drew ·
The main blade and saw are both a little too small for my liking, and it feels like I'm cutting with a brick in my hand. The plier lock is a strange function and, for me, gets in the way more than it helps. The replaceable wire cutters are nice and the strap cutter helps with the plastic tie downs at work. I am waiting for a version 2 though.
White Knight ·
Misprint alert! THT, not OHT.