Lunch with Dad

My carry for lunch with dad. Two Navy guys enjoying catching up.

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Very cool. If Grandad is still with us, thank him for his service. Thank you and your dad for your service. I'm a 20 year guy myself. I don't like giving out my PII, but we brothers of 1%ers have to stick together. We did what some couldn't and wouldn't not for fame, money, glory or a bunch of tin pinned on our chest. We did it for each other and those that couldn't or wouldn't so they could have freedom. Check out https://www.22kill.com great cause. 22 Vets commit suicide everyday day. Check them and help where you can, 22 is just too many. Didn't mean to go on a tangent, cool carry and user name. We come from Co. Galway and Co. Cork. Tá mé na hÉireann mé féin agus Norse ,Dia duit agus mise. Tiocfaidh ár lá
Thanks for your service and sharing website. I appreciate it.