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Lots of EDC posts I see, guys (and gals) seem to carry A LOT on their person daily. While for some it IS actually what they carry every day, but for others I feel like (including myself in other EDC posts I've posted) they post the BEST EDC items they have, whether they carry them daily or not. This EDC I posted today is my TRUE every day carry. They are what I am carrying right now as I type this up in a local coffee shop, procrastinating on studying I should be doing for work.
The Rokform iPhone case is by far the best case I have owned. It is truly surprising how useful that magnet is on the back... EXCEPT the fact that it'll wipe your entire hard drive of your older model MacBook Pro if you place it directly on top of it (please don't ask how I know this.................). The Saddleback wallet is... by all means.. the manliest wallet around. Saddleback leather products are unmatched by any other leather company I have ever encountered and their wallet alone speaks volumes for their quality. I also own their Squared backpack which is a work of art in itself. The key gadgets are fairly self explanatory... the Nitecore Tube is awesome and I seem to use the Spyderco about 10 times a day. The Arnettes are great because they have that ANSI safety rating, are polarized, and stylish in my opinion. BUT, my favorite part of my EDC, which was added fairly recently, was the timepiece.....the Rolex Sea-Dewller 4000 (new model). I believe that a watch is a mans ONE true accessory. I am looking forward to wearing this for the rest of my life and hopefully passing it down to my future children. I posted in the forums on here months back regarding whether or not luxury watches belong in a "rugged" every day carry, and I am here to say that YES THEY DO. The SD4K is a gnarly tool watch that can handle whatever you throw at it while still maintaining that timeless classic style. I will be wearing this to work and look forward to banging it around and giving it some character.

All in all, this is my true EDC. My true essentials. What are yours?

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