My Self-Made EDC

Roger Heath

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Which model holster did you start with? What mods did you make and how? I was thinking of doing something similar to a small holster I have to hold a small pocket knife, flashlight and pen. Perhaps even a few other small items. I'm excited to see someone else mod a cheap holster to their needs.
Roger Heath ·
Pretty sure it was the FS-45. I originally modded it to accomodate a Gerber Suspension, which has sides that flare out on the handles. If you look up by where the snap is, you can see that I cut away around it in the front and on the sides. I "cauterized" it with an old woodburning tool where I cut it so it wouldn't fray. I carry a Leatherman Rebar now, but the cutaways still give me a better grip getting the tool out. I also sewed a strip of heavy elastic across the front to give me loops to hold the flashlight and the knife. Taking the cheap way out is also why I made my own notebook cover and wallet, by the way. :)
Roger Heath ·
(If I can get my hands on a better camera, I may be able to get a couple of close-up detail pictures in the DIY section of the forums.)