Balanst® Premium Wallet | Your Privacy Masterpiece

Founder (age 35)
Balanst® Premium Wallet is first and foremost an exquisite and fully concealed slim wallet.
Far more than carry less of your valuable belongings alone, Balanst® Premium Wallet focuses on what protecting your privacy means to you. Every aspect of this wallet is designed to help you keep your belongings out of eyesight and protect them from unwanted attempts of violation, like RFID skimming.

The most striking feature of the wallet is its smooth swipe-open top. Just a smooth left-flick of your thumb on the top, and the six cards automatically lift out of the back compartment. This also gives you easy access to the front compartment. So, you don’t have to store your cash and small loose items between the cards.

We managed to keep the wallet slim enough* to fit into any small bag or clutch, jacket or trouser pocket, but spacious enough to hold up to six credit cards in the back compartment, paper currency and small loose items such as spare change, memory card and keys in the front compartment.
So holding all these, the wallet weighs less then 85 grams, making it lighter than your smartphone.

Every detail of the Balanst® Premium Wallet proves that functional can be beautiful too. This masterpiece with its exquisite look is made from premium aluminum, making it 100% recyclable and strong enough to last a lifetime. Its smooth and familiar form ensures comfortable handling and feels just right in your hand.

Available in two stunning finishes, Mysterious Black and Sensuous Grey**. The wallets design is complemented with a shining sunken silver logo on the top to enhance its exquisite look.

Balanst® Premium Wallet is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. You can help make this project a reality by pledging for a wallet on our campaign page: http://kck.st/1U8FINk

Just like the simplicity of our design, our pledge options are simple. You can choose a single, or share one with a friend or loved one with the double.
- DOUBLE PREMIUM - 2 x Balanst® Premium Wallet at a price tag of €154,
- SINGLE PREMIUM - 1 x Balanst® Premium Wallet at a price tag of €77.

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