Aer Travel Pack

Aer Travel Pack

Packing for a trip is hard enough, and ridiculously long security lines at the airport as of late only make things worse. So unless your favorite part of traveling is standing for hours in one part of the airport, jumping through some hoops for a few minutes, then finally waiting in another part of the airport, it's important to pack your essentials the right way to avoid that mess.

The Aer Travel Pack carries everything you'll need for a weekend trip, designed with efficiency in mind so you can skip the lines and headache of airport security. It's sized to fit carry-on requirements (saving you a couple minutes and a checked bag fee) with a structured main compartment that lies flat and unzips fully for easy packing. When it's time to empty your pockets, you can quickly stash the contents in any one of the three zippered pockets on the front and top of the bag. The quick access laptop compartment lets you pull it out fast and keep the line moving.

Its organized layout makes it ideal for business trips or general day-to-day EDC, too. Between all the slots and pockets in the front admin compartment and the suspended laptop sleeve, you can haul your entire mobile office on your back. The bag even slims down to a more manageable silhouette for EDC thanks to a set of four compression straps. You can carry it confidently knowing it's built tough with 1680D ballistic nylon, YKK zips, and Duraflex buckle hardware throughout.

It's available now at its fully-funded campaign on Kickstarter, making Aer three for three with successful projects. Check out the Travel Pack and its accompanying dopp kit in more detail at the link below.

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So it's a less flexible version of the Condor Bison backpack with fewer features at over twice the price? Actually I just grabbed on of the Condor's at the link below for $40 to use on a trip I'm taking next month, my first impressions of it are VERY positive. The real selling point of it, other than it fitting carry on dimensions, was the additional pad/document bag that can be quickly detached once you get to your seat so the main bag goes in the overhead and I still have all the items I want access to during the flight.
The pack that you are mentioning is just your average generic knockoff 3 Day Tacticool Airsofter pack and is nothing like the pack mentioned in the article. Not even close!
I agree, and I never said it was anyhting like the pack in the article. Quite frankly I personally think it's a far better solution to the problem. It allows me to determine how I organize my pack rather than being forced into someone else's idea of how my stuff should be organized. It has just enough pockets without going into overkill and I can use the organizers I already own to keep my stuff where I want it. To each his own, I got superior utility and great quality at 1/4 the cost so I won't be lamenting my purchase.