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Preon P1 Copper

Ed Jelley
Preon P1 Copper

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You may not know how useful it is to carry a flashlight until you’ve actually added one to your EDC. Big, powerful lights have their uses, but they can be a pain to carry. So for most, it's best to start small. And at just 3.35” long, the Foursevens Preon P1 makes for a strong EDC, packing in big features without the bulk.

This new limited edition Preon is made from solid copper, adding a bit of class to any EDC. Copper is not only excellent at dissipating heat (which is useful to keep an LED cool), but it's also a highly reactive metal. Through regular use, you’ll get a patina on the surface that adds unique character to your light. But if you like your gear looking clean, you can easily polish it up to a brilliant shine.

The recently overhauled Preon line includes a new programmable interface, machined grooves for grip, an improved tail button to prevent accidental activation, and a sturdy steel pocket clip. The Preon P1 cranks out up to 100 lumens on a single AAA battery, with an impressive run time of up to 20 hours on its 5 lumen low mode. If anodized black or blue weren’t your thing, you can now pick up the P1 in copper via the link below.

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William Davis ·
These lights suck, for price far better on market like Martac AAA
Ed Jelley ·
Have you had a bad experience with the new Preons? I've been EDCing a black aluminum one since they've released and I really like it. The tail click is super convenient, especially in such a small light.