My Regular EDC

Jack Bolton
Student (age 20)
This is my standard EDC. The Keychain has fewer keys than gadgets, but I use them all frequently.

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Joe ·
Very nicely done survival kit in the money minder. People often think they need a suitcase for their needs, that's a great example of minimalist work.
Ralph K ·
Bump key, eh?
Jack Bolton ·
It's useful around the house and at work for windows and such that often need loads of different keys...
Mitchell Palermo ·
How do you feel about the ShureSE215's? I need some quality earbuds and I want them to last for awhile.
guillotine ·
They are really good. They lasted me for 4 years before one of the ear buds broke. But I was tough on them, carried them to gym, school, work, everywhere and without a case. Built like a tank and the sound is great.
Jack Bolton ·
They are excellent earphones. Comfortable and sound good. They're a little bass heavy, so if you're into that then go for it, but if you want a more balanced sound then the 315/415 would do you better. As they only have 1 driver in each ear, the sounds can sometimes merge a bit, and you lose clarity, but this is unnoticeable most of the time, and again alleviated in the more expensive models. Overall though they are superb headphones and you won't be dissapointed.
Mitchell Palermo ·
Thanks! I'll check them out.