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Knifemaker (age 34)
Beach Lake, PA

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Can you make that custom pry longer, add a pocket clip and sell it on your Etsy page? I'll buy it!
Hmmm basically it would be a regular razor with the blade cut off the end. I'm a little afraid someone will break the fork end twisting it as a pry. The steel is strong but it will still snap of not reinforced time to start drawing. I think I'll make some on the next batch I have cut.
Saw this reposted on Gear Hungry, and saw all the Amsler stuff haha. I only could think of one person that would be carrying all that.
I've used the Rotring pencils for years. Just be sure to protect the tips - they are easily bent.
Wasn't familiar with Amsler knives, very cool stuff. Love that BDT. Looks awesome next to that beast Mcgizmo, haha.
Dope! Love the collection. Hope you produce more soon! :)
Whatever is available is usually up on my etsy page.