Brass, Bronze, Copper

HR (age 28)
Buffalo, NY

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I love the EDC and the coin! You may like my Kickstarter project, The FlatTop. Its an EDC spin coin hand made in copper, brass or aluminum. Check it out at www.flattop.rocks
What a beautiful knife (Northwoods Esky Zullu). Definetly need to check if I can buy it in germany.
They were a Great Eastern Cutlery special run for knivesshipfree.com (they own the Northwoods brand). They were offered in a variety of covers and sold out pretty quick although I did see a couple with black micarta handles up on the site, maybe returns? More or less they need to be sourced from eBay or through forums now.
How long have you carried that venetian zippo? Mine has yet to reach that level of patina. It looks great!
I bought the zippo second hand and then put a butane cigar insert into it. It's from 1996, but no idea how long it was used for
Yeah I just ordered mine through amazon then went to a local shop and had it monogrammed. I've had it for about six months now. There is some patina setting in but im sure i have another year or two before it looks that good. How does the butane insert compare? All my zippos have standard inserts but i've been considering a butane insert with a pipe hole in the side perhaps
I find zippo fuel to be "dirty" in comparison to butane when lighting my cigars
Great setup and carry. Love my Northwoods. Dig that kraken coin.
Found the kraken coin on eBay for about $5