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Exentri Locking Trifold Wallet

Mikey Bautista
Exentri Locking Trifold Wallet

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Trifold wallets give you the convenience of access to your bills and lengthy items without folding and fussing, but the tradeoff is often a bulkier billfold. The trifold design also folds your cards into the wallet's interior, forcing you to retrieve and expand the wallet every time you need to get one. These are the issues the Exentri wallet address, giving you all the benefits of lengthwise storage without any of the compromises.

The Exentri wallet comes with seven card slots along with a bill pocket. Two card slots include a thumbslot so you can access your most-used cards easily without having to open the whole wallet. It's made from Italian leather, with a stainless steel locking latch to prevent accidental opening.

The wallet's minimal design tri-folds flat, meaning you can  carry it in your front pocket and save your spine the strain. It's a compelling option if you need to carry more cards than other minimalist wallets can accommodate without adding much bulk to your carry. You can pick up an Exentri trifold in your choice of six colors at the link below.

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What a wonderful style. I really like it.