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The Best Amazon Prime Day 2016 Deals for EDC Gear

Bernard Capulong
The Best Amazon Prime Day 2016 Deals for EDC Gear

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Today marks Amazon's Prime Day, which they're calling their biggest event ever. Over 100,000 items will be discounted today, but you'll need a Prime membership to take advantage (sign up for a free trial here before you shop if you're not a member already)!

We'll be scoping the site for the best deals on everyday carry related gear. Keep it locked here for updates throughout the day, and feel free to add a comment with some deals you'd like to share with your fellow EDCers!

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Newest deals in bold! This is gear we've recommended in the past — either in our buying guides or gear of the day posts!

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Hexagon ·
That seiko snk809 deal was too good to pass up. Thanks for mentioning it...though my wallet is disappointed lol
Steve ·
Same here, picked up the 805
David Martinez ·
I just picked up the Kershaw 1990 Brawler, I would hate myself tomorrow if I didn't get in on that deal. Thanks for the heads up
Ben Newton ·
That's a chunky knife.
Jackson Wheeler ·
What keychain gear is that in the picture??