Weekend EDC

I have EDC sets for different purposes and situations, this one is what I carry in my leisure time and on weekends. The Strider is my all-time favourite. Only a handfull of this model exists, and I'm among the lucky ones who could score one. The grip of the structured scales is simply impressive. The Leatherman Tread is a perfect tool, completed by the prying abilities of the Pterodactyl (when driving a vintage car you need tools like that from time to time ...). And finally the watch. Kaventsmann is a small watch brand from Germany, and the Triggerfish is simply badass. It is big, heavy and literally indestructible, just the right watch for a guy of 6.2in.
On weekdays, I have a different EDC with me, as well as when I'm outdoors. The only item that changes daily is my wristwatch. My preferred brands (beside Kaventsmann) are Benarus, Gruppo Gamma, Steinhart, L├╝mTec, Helson, Ancon, Kemmner and Magrette.
And before I forget it: The bag is a replica of a Sam Browne Officers Haversack, WW1, equipped with a 1914 Lee Enfield Canvas Rifle Sling to carry it on your shoulder.

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Robert Razavi ·
Nice stuff! Where can more info about the bag be found?
J.S. Leonard ·
Nice setup and carry.