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J.S. Leonard ·
The Bullet is a great hydration pack.
Andrew ·
Yeah, I'm confused lol. I have a GR1 and a bullet ruck but my bullet ruck has 6 rows of MOLLE and that looks too small to be a GR1.
J.S. Leonard ·
I figured. It's all good. If you're like me you're bleeding gear. I probably have 10 packs and who knows how many bags. Just keep supporting GoRuck! Best gear and company out there. Well GoRuck and Lima Lincoln Concepts. Both American owned and made.
Kael ·
It's the 10L Bullet Ruck. The 15L has 4 rows. I'm pretty sure the 10L was discontinued.
Kael ·
Yes, I have too many packs. I've gotten rid of a few but just can't seem to get rid of all. I also have the the GoRuck GR0.
Zack ·
Kael, random question: what do you keep in your chums wallet? And what did you do with the key strap?
Kael ·
Hi Zack, I keep the normal cards and cash in my Chums wallet. I didn't the key strap, so cut it off.