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Urban EDC Supply Urban Organizer

Mikey Bautista
Urban EDC Supply Urban Organizer

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Organizing your essentials can be a never-ending struggle. Sometimes your pockets or bag can't fit everything you need just the way you want it, so you end up making compromises. Or worse, flat out leaving your tools at home. This is where Urban EDC Supply's Urban Organizer comes in.

Designed from the ground-up to be a custom fit for your EDC, the Urban Organizer lets you keep your gear together with robust style. It has slots for your pen, knife, and flashlight, with a large main pocket for your phone and notebook. A rear pocket also lets you carry your essential cards and cash. The Urban Organizer is made in the U.S. with locally-sourced materials. This includes a supple, full-grain 3/4 oz. chrome oil tanned leather that keeps its strength over time while developing a unique patina. Durable, waxed, and saddle-stiched poly cord keeps everything together, with brass rivets bolting everything into place.

The Urban Organizer lets you carry your EDC with ease, and its materials and construction ensure enduring quality and panache. Pre-order your Urban Organizer in four colors at the link below.

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Will ·
Looks amazing, but 90 bones is too rich for my blood!
KuroBushi ·
Looks very useful, but I agree with the other posts.... Too expensive for the product.
AzNTecH ·
Pocket protectors sure have come a long way
Moshe Rubnov ·
Cool thing 😎 shame it's so expansive
Moshe Rubnov ·