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A collection of some of my good stuff.

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Sorry for the silly question, i'm new here... But why do you folks carry so many knives and flashlights at once?
4 flashlights at once as your "everyday carry"?
2 tactical knives + other knives?
lol this is not srs or believable to be realistic everyday carry.
This rather looks like a bunch of useless "cool stuff".
Almost everyone has a lot of EDC IT IS A MIX AND MATCH. So for example I carry different light and changes knifes depending what I'm doing..
Yes, EDC doesn't mean that we carry every item every day. And being new, you obviously haven't been bitten by the bug hard enough. Given time, your addiction will develop Grasshopper! ;-)
Rotation. Gearheads like cool things, so they'll buy several of each and carry what they feel like on a given day.

There are also just guys who enjoy their gadgets so much they'll carry several at once just to have them or play with them. Doesn't make much practical sense, but people do it.
How is that Bellroy's zipper holding up?
All good on the zipper. Got the iPhone elements too and never had an issue with that one either.
What country is that top coin (the 50) from?
How do you like the backlock on the Paramilitary 2? I'm still getting used to it on mine
Love it. Great for a right hander. Very natural way to open and close. I wonder why there aren't more Spyderco's with it. Maybe a patenting issue?
Just wondering what you carry in your Ti2 S4S and S4M. Thanks
Mainly Diclofenac or Diazepam for chronic back pain.
And the S4M is great for a cash stash.
How's that yellow dog nato? Comfortable? I was considering having one made as well, but don't see a lot of people with them, so haven't heard any feedback.
Yeah, it's good but... if I got the chance I would get another with different dimensions. The dims for this one were taken from a nylon 3 ring. The thickness of the material really makes a difference and the rubber is much thinner. I had to trim more than 30mm from the end. But Alex from Yellow Dog was great with communication so I imagine he would be happy to work with you to get the right size and spec.
I'd also give it a little more room as I don't like the rubber hard up on my skin. I think I still prefer nylon but the difference is so slight I can't complain.
Before anyone asks, yes the 940-1 has a 940 BLK blade instead of the SV90 that comes standard!
All good on the zipper. Got the iPhone elements too and never had an issue with that one either.