Urban Fly Fishing Pack

Law Student (age 38)
Boston, MA
This is the bag I keep next to my door so when I need to get out of the house I can grab it and go.

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J.S. Leonard ·
That's awesome! I totally agree with the the casting and letting your day and worries just disappear through the poetry of fly fishing. I'm 2 hrs from mountain streams with bows, browns and brookies. Then I'm 3 hrs from the coast were we have place. There we have Reds (Red Drum), Sea Trout and Flounder (Inshore Grand Slam). If you haven't got into tying your own flies I highly suggest it. Like casting tying is extremely therapeutic and addictive.
J.S. Leonard ·
Hell Yeah! Another fly fisherman. I love Lamson. Got a Lamson WW Lightspeed, tough as nails. Good looking set up. What's your target species?
Hey man! I have the velocity for my 5 wt. and my 9 wt. I love them both. I have banged them up (because ia can be clumsy on the water) and they are both keep coming back. Mostly I look for schoolies and strippers when I'm around home. Actually it's more about casting and putting my day behind me than anything else. What are you fishing for?