The EDC of a Lifestyle Photographer

Adam Carner
Lifestyle Photographer (age 27)
Clinton, Connecticut
The EDC of a Lifestyle Photographer

My macbook is always on me as my workhorse, much like my iPhone 6, and this ties into the next peice. You may be asking why I have two watches on me everyday, well as much as I love my beautiful Tag Heuer F1, when I'm out shooting it's incredibly convenient to see my notifications, email, messages right on my wrist. Talk about and Apple sales pitch.

I'm always out and about so my Opinel No.8 and Oakley's are perfect for those bright sunny days when I have to...cut open new product boxes! When I need to scribble something down obviously my Bespoke Post Notebook and KawecoSport fountain pen has never let me down, and always provide a perfect note taking session.

I am a huge fan and big supporter of Corter Leather and Cloth out of Cape Cod. The owner is an acquaintance of mine and we both share the same hometown. I use his Bottlehook more than I care to mention, and he was kind enough to gift me that gorgeous green dyed handmade Horween Leather Bifold Wallet. His wallet is one of the best I've ever had. Go support that man!

As a photographer, do I have to explain the camera? =P

Thanks for checking out my what I carry everyday, kinda neat!

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