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Victorinox Minichamp Alox

Mikey Bautista
Victorinox Minichamp Alox

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15 functions, 1.41 ounces, 1 legendary brand. Keychain multitools don't get much more functional than this. While Victorinox's Minichamp in the classic red scales has been around for a while, it's when it's paired with lightweight, rugged aluminum oxide that it (literally) begins to shine.

For its footprint, the Minichamp packs an impressive array of tools. From a general-purpose knife to a unique orange peeler, there's no everyday task that it can't help with in some way. It's got scrapers and pushers, strippers and bottle openers. You can do some work on your nails, or get real work done with its rulers and drivers. Surgical-sharp scissors are of course a favorite from Victorinox's multitools, and the Minichamp also works great for everyday carry thanks to an attached key ring.

There's no better tool to keep on you at all times. Keep your carry light but get the job done with the Minichamp Alox, which you can pick up from Amazon at the link below.

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Efrain Suarez II ·
Funny. I have off today and decided to look for an EDC pocket knife (multi) spent half the day drinking Cafe Bustello and researching. Checked my email and saw this. After researching some more on the little brute, I decided to pull the trigger. Looks like it should do well. Thank you.
Definitely a good little default tool to carry. I've had one for a couple of years and it's great. The phillips head driver fits has a surprisingly wide range. I use the scissors more than and one of the blades the most. I have the original plastic version, not the "Alox". The original version also has a retractable pen in the body, which has been super useful (although sometimes I forget that it's there). Some people think the "cuticle pusher" tool is a waste... but I've found it useful a bunch of times simply for prying lids open or other random tasks. If nothing else - if you have the version with the pen - opening up the cuticle tool on the opposite side of the pen makes it pretty comfortable to hold.
sorry... didn't proofread the previous comment. It's kind of a mess. You get the idea, hopefully