Just a minimal EDC kit for an average dude

Don Southard
App Developer (age 30)
Omaha, NE
This is my minimal EDC setup that handles 90% of my needs. It's small and easy to grab thanks to the Core Nano wallet. The wallet holds the Classic SD which gives me access to a quick pair of scissors, tweezers, toothpick, etc... The True Utility pen is a must have for daily writing tasks and fits perfectly in the wallet. Finally the NiteCore flashlight is a minimal but powerful flashlight that fits in the Core Nano without causing any unnecessary bulk. I was concerned about the flashlight accidentally getting turned on but with the wallet in my front pocket it hasn't been a problem yet. The NiteCore is really just a back up to my primary light, the Microstream. Lastly the Kershaw Skyline is my workhorse of a pocket knife. It opens fast and holds a sharp edge for a long time. I even had Kershaw swap the blade for $10 after a couple years of use. Great company and a great knife.

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Franklion ·
Wallet is perfect if you carry a Fisher Space Pen, SAK and lip balm all the time. And I do!
Hexagon ·
Liking the setup for the core wallet man