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VyVy HuynhTr
Nurse (age 29)
Virginia Beach , Va
Hectic life of a nurse by night, recording adventures her by day.

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I call bs. You do not carry a stethoscope and a huge ass hunting knife daily.
VyVy HuynhTr ·
Sin, I actually do carry that knife as it was a gift from my fiancé, as well as my firearm with me every single day. The diverse area I live in has some rough moments and I've had a few unfortunate run ins of which I was very lucky to come out of safely. Thank you for your comment (:
Dany Ty ·
Damn. Nice knife. I'm wondering where you work since you can carry a knife like that around :)
VyVy HuynhTr ·
Being a tiny female that I am, I've made it a routine to always carry just in case due to unfortunate previous events. I live in a beautiful diverse area that has it's scary moments sometimes. Never hurts to be cautious (:
Dany Ty ·
Haha define tiny. I am probably smaller than you... :)

I agree though. I've bought mace for my friends because they can't carry knives on public transport. I bring a small pocket knife around even if it isn't legal because our law is that it is legal if it's related to your work. So I just tell guards and police that I'm a first aid provider. haha.
VyVy HuynhTr ·
Haha I'm 5"1 and the smallest of my peers so I'm considered the tiny one in my area. Yeah I made an effort to get my concealed weapons license also to avoid any possible legal issues here. I'm glad you agree and carry too! Can never be too careful (:
Dany Ty ·
HAHA Oh gosh. I'm 5'1" also! :) But not the smallest of my peers. HAHA
Peter Carr ·
You would get put in prison for having that knife on the street in the UK.
VyVy HuynhTr ·
Sorry to hear that Peter. Where I am located it is currently legal to carry a concealed weapon and/or firearm if you have a license. Being as small as I am here, unfortunately I've been considered an "easy" target.
Serge Navarro ·
Nice kit, love the knife.. tough clientele ey? :-)
todd hooper ·
i earn my keep by collecting cans and resalable material out of dumpsters. i have to sift through garbage bags and i still dont need a serrated fish boning knife. this site should be called status symbols.com