New Weekend Carry

Lincoln, Nebraska
If I'm only able to realistically carry my EDC gear for two days out of the week, due to crazy overtime with Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, I'm going to carry as light, but classy as possible.

Updates from my last carry post:

The Willamette Whittler just arrived in the mail today, and I'll be honest, it's probably going to be the only main blade I carry for the next 6 months. The fit and finish on it is impeccable, and boy oh boy is it a pretty knife.

I picked up the SNDA57 from a trade on the WatchUSeek forums, and I am so excited about it. I went on a mechanical-only kick for the longest time, and I refused to look anywhere near a quartz. Once I actually thought about the fact that I'm only wearing a watch other than my work GShock twice a week, a low maintenance quartz became much more appealing. It has a superdome anti-reflective sapphire crystal installed on it as well. It's definitely a rugged little beast.

Other than that, but much as changed! Cheers!

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Fountain pen and Northwoods! Oh yeah.
This is one of my favorite edc submissions in a long time! How you liking the Kaweco? Do you consistently use a fountain pen on the job? Is it cartridge only or does it take a converter too?
Thanks man! I appreciate that!

I'm loving the Kaweco, the number 6 nib is a dream to use. I use it at work (in tandem with my Karas brass bolt) and on the street!

I personally am a big fan of refilling standard long cartridges, but it can accept a converter. It's currently filled with Noodler's Navy.
Yeah buddy! Speaking my language. I carry two pens with noodlers black and noodlers 54th Massachusetts. Will look into the Karas bolt