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Bernard Capulong
Los Angeles, CA

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Ken C ·
What do you think of the arktype? I've been considering one ...but I wear a suit to work and I'm worried it's not practical.
Bernard Capulong ·
I like it, not using it as much in the winter as I have a coat on with enough pockets for everything these days. It's the best executed fidlock keychain I've used so far, but I don't think it would work well in a formal/professional setting as it's a bit heavy duty. Not sure if you'd like it on your suit.
Kevin J Meyer ·
Hey Bernard, how is that Arktype PMK working out for you? I just ordered mine today =) (thank's to the "8 HK Clip keychains..." post) Cheers mate
Bernard Capulong ·
Working great for me. I like the PMK over the RMK because it's more paracord and less hardware, I happen to like pulling the snap shackle more than depressing the HK clip gate. That said, I use both and picked up a couple more attachment points os I can keep my keys or whatever attached to my belt loop, inside my bag, on the outside of my bag, etc. These are my favorite implementation of Fidlock as well. Congrats on yours, hope you like it as much as I do.
Kevin J Meyer ·
Thank's for the insight! The look of the shackle (which I btw never used before) was also more appealing than a run of the mill HK clip. We will see how I'll like it in about 1-2 weeks =) Have a good one!
Mervin ·
Mmm nothing like an all black carry! Also, how's the COURG been? I wanted to get one, but after reading all of the horror stories on the KS campaign, I pulled my pre-order. Just curious to see if they've worked out the kinks and it's worth getting now.
Bernard Capulong ·
COURG is treating me well. Been very accurate since I first unboxed it. I think any horror stories are more about issues with communications and customer care, which can happen when a first time maker has to scale to an unexpectedly positive response during the campaign. The product itself though, my copy anyway, has been ace.
jacuzzi ·
Is that knife legal in NYC?
Bernard Capulong ·
As far as I can tell, yep. Main thing is it can't be flicked open like a "gravity" knife no matter how you shake it. It's a two-stage slipjoint open that requires two hands, it doesn't lock, the knife is well under 3", it's not "open carried" since it has no pocket clip.

The Roadie was designed to accommodate TSA's requirements to bring a knife on a plane, but that never went through.. the Roadie still serves as a good "enough knife" EDC option for NYC, UK, etc.
jacuzzi ·
guillotine ·
How is that wallet? Does the band stretch quickly? Does it get dirty quickly?
Bernard Capulong ·
I like the wallet a lot, it's the most compact I can get my cards/cash without sacrificing much durability.

It's mostly made of leather where it counts (the pockets) with just a bit of the elastic band on the sides. I also like that the band stretches to accommodate varying # of cards but it's pretty snug, so much so that it can bend/buckle the cards on the outside pockets.

I'm not worried about it stretching out, especially compared to other slim all-leather card holders which are almost irreversible once they stretch.

It doesn't really get "dirty" but the leather on this light grey has gotten deeper, more like cement now, and gets a nice patina from oils/handling.

I dig it!
guillotine ·
Thanks man! I think I might just order one.