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MS5 Everyday Carry Survival Kit

Mikey Bautista
MS5 Everyday Carry Survival Kit

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There's a lot to pack for when heading out on your next adventure, from adequate apparel to a sturdy shelter. One thing you shouldn't forget, though, is to cover the bases of a survival kit. While it should be complete enough to handle most hassles you'll encounter while in the wild, it also shouldn't be the equal of having to pack an extra duffel worth of gear.

This is where the MS5 Everyday Carry Survival Kit comes in. It packs an entire survival kit into a 7.55” baton-shaped capsule that's compact enough to sit in your backpack or camping bag while still giving you easy access to all its components.

From its paracord sheath down to its pins and needles, the MS5's design integrates its pieces together so no part of the kit is wasted. Said sheath unravels into 30 feet of 550 paracord. The capsule fits into a box made of easily combustible wood, giving you a convenient firestarter in a pinch. The capsule itself comes in either aluminum or carbon fiber, wrapped in leather, and waterproofed to face the elements.

 Inside the MS5 is an array of tools, including essentials like a knife, flashlight, and water filter. A firestarter, compass, and hooks, pins, and more also round out the survival part of the kit. And for a modern touch, the MS5 also includes a GPS tracker, USB charger, and USB drive to help you get found or make that important call for help.

Pack lightly, but completely—it may just save your life. Check out the MS5 Everyday Carry survival kit at the Kickstarter link below, and pick up the configuration to cover your needs.

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Lee Lisker ·
Hello Everyone,
I am Lee, I am behind the MS5 and am very much looking forward to realize it and grow my new brand to be a well known brand in the EDC world.

Please consider pledging to our project and help bring our products to life.
Questions,Comments and Feedback are always welcome. Don't hesitate to contact me here: motiongrade at gmail.com

Please take a moment to let your friends and anyone you want to keep alive longer about our project!

Everyone who has pledged to our project, Thank you, I can't do this without you and I promise you will love the gear you get.

Backers: Please send me a message on Kickstarter and let me know you are a member of the EverydayCarry.com community. You will receive a special bonus with your gear.

Thank you to the EverydayCarry.com team for sharing my product with your audience, Truly appreciated.

Have a great weekend everyone!