My present weekday EDC, an ongoing obsession.

Yanick Tremblay
Montreal, Canada
Seriously how bulky is your whole EDC set-up? I ever only see part of it & most seem to need a pack.
In mine, lots of thoughts have been put so that everything fits without bulk in my pant pockets. SAK has a hidden needle & tread in the scales, the 2nd Maratac lighter is removed & used a pill FOB. (Glued together, fishhook & line wrapped with some duck tape.) Still having trouble with my car keys though, they usually end up in my lunch box! These need to get smaller ASAP man! Wow what an opportunity for Detroit & others: I'll buy your car if your keys are compact. The fisher pen now gets clipped to the wallet band. Weekend EDC to follow.

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Yanick Tremblay ·
Anyone removed the gold plating from a Fisher space pen? If yes, are you happy with the result? How did you do it?