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The STK (Sliding Tool & Knife) and Rift Multi-tools

Jonathan Tayag
The STK (Sliding Tool & Knife) and Rift Multi-tools

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This year has been huge for small, one-piece multi-tools. Their simple designs (and lack of moving parts) make them both easier to carry and less likely to break. On the other hand, they simply can't match the functionality of more complex folding multi-tools. The STK, recently launched on Kickstarter, strikes a promising middle ground by sliding into action. It's more versatile than a single-piece tool, yet simpler than a butterfly-style multi-tool.

The STK has a solid 6AL4V titanium frame with a sliding S35VN blade and tool. Because it slides, the STK fulfills a myriad of functions without relying on a bulky and cumbersome butterfly design. When closed, the STK is only slightly larger than a credit card and it only weighs 2.9 ounces. Even when fully open, the tool measures a mere 4.5 inches in overall length.

Think of it as a minimalist EDC version of a utility knife, save for the fact that it can do a lot more than just cut. There's a pry tool, flathead screwdriver, and scraper on its tip. On the sides you’ll find a ¼” bit driver, a bottle opener, and a wire stripper. Even the hollowed-out section of the blade where the pivot meets the frame pulls double duty as a wrench for wingnuts and oxygen valves. Finally, the frame has a pocket clip on the reverse side that doubles as a money clip.

With how handy it is, you'll want to carry it around everywhere. However, the sharp blade can get you in trouble in places where having one isn't allowed, especially when traveling. For those times, you can bring the Rift. It's a one-piece solid titanium version of a fully-extended STK without a sharp edge, so you can EDC it anywhere. The Rift is smaller than the STK and way lighter. Its small size combined with its utility actually makes it a great candidate for keychain carry, even if you pick up the STK as well.

The Kickstarter project for both the STK and Rift multitools is now well over its goal and completely funded. You can reserve an STK or Rift or combination of the two at the link below.

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Kyle Baker ·
So I can take the RIFT on a plane no issues?
Hi Kyle,
I travel a lot for my day job and have taken a Rift on the plane with me for my last 4 U.S. trips with no issue. As with any pry tool, as long as it has no sharp edges it should be allowed. I have mine in a Grid-it with some other tools and I take it out of my bag and put it on top of everything so TSA sees it right off the bat and knows I am not trying to hide anything. They usually ask what it's for and that's it. In my experience traveling internationally, make sure to check the country you are traveling to and from, as they can be a bit more "creative" in their interpretation of what is allowed. Cheers! :)