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I wanted to submit this carry because the holiday season is knocking on the door, and I've had this carry for a year now, and wanted to share my thoughts on a couple of the products.

Lets start with the...

FNDN minimalistic wallet - This wallet, has done nothing but made my life better!!! My ass feels so much better with this in my back pocket, then my old wallet. The small design is really a misconception in the the idea, that you would think you can't fit everything you would want in a wallet. I was able to fit EVERYTHING, plus more. It has 3 compartments, 2 sides then a large middle compartment.

The outer sides have been great for my ID, bank-card, business cards, and cash as they are very accessible. The middle compartment is really just as great (just larger) which is awesome. This holds everything else for me like, reward cards, credit cards, and everything else you can throw into a wallet. What makes this wallet unique is it has this "Pull Tab" that brings everything from the center large compartment, up, and into your fingertips. There is no fumbling around trying to get to what you want. The leather is super soft, and the quality is top notch!!!! This thing looks the same as it did the day i took out of the packaging a year ago. All i can say is GET THIS WALLET if your looking for a functional, high-quality, minimalistic design.

On another note, Because i was so happy with this wallet i dug into the brand a little more, and they also sell Heated Gear... I picked up a heated scarf for myself and my wife, as we tailgate for football & hockey games, and the are AWESOME!!!! keep you so warm. I don't know where this brand came from (i do its in Detroit) but I'm totally a fan now, if you can't tell. haha

GoPro Hero4 Session - This is okay. I had the Hero3 and the quality is just not as good as the 3. The capture is somewhat darker, and not the resolution is not as great. I do like that it is smaller. I took it with me on a ride through the Grand Canyon, and it was almost invisible on my motorcycle. It was nice to sync with my iPone, and i was able to control everything from my phone, for me this was a nice feature. In my opinion, I would wait until another generation comes out with better resolution, and just overall better picture.

SOG Cash Card Knife - Nice, simple knife that is great for everyday use. Your not gonna cut everything with this knife. It's best for everyday things like, boxes, twine, rope, clothes tags, and etc....

Well I hope you like the write up, and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the products above... If i was was to take anything from this (if you take the time to read) the FNDN brand is putting out some great things, and I look forward to new product they come out with. Here is the website if anyone is interested in checking them out. www.FNDN.com

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