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SureFire P2X Fury Intellibeam

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Everyday Carry
SureFire P2X Fury Intellibeam

When darkness falls, you'll want a light that's easy to use in any situation. And while modern flashlights give you a ton of options for controlling brightness, the last thing you want is to blind yourself from accidentally activating it on its max setting. SureFire's new P2X Fury automatically adjusts its brightness to your needs the moment you turn it on thanks to its unique Intellibeam technology, making it an excellent everyday light to have handy at a moment's notice.

The Intellibeam system takes the P2X's 15 to 600-lumen range and adjusts its output to match your environment. An intelligent sensor and microprocessor in the light continuously scopes out your surroundings, and with a single click of its tail switch delivers just the brightness you need. Thanks to this system, the P2X will never activate on full power when you're in close quarters, and even saves you time fiddling with the light's interface to get to a suitable brightness when in use.

Sometimes, however, you still need those 600 lumens at your immediate disposal. The P2X grants you quick access to full brightness with a quick double-click of its switch. Paired with its smooth reflector, you get a powerful beam with a bright hotspot and plenty of throw to light up your area. The light is also plenty rugged for all situations thanks to a high-strength aerospace aluminum body with mil-spec hard anodization and a weatherproofed interior sealed with O-rings and gaskets.

Time to get smart with your EDC light. Pick up the P2X Fury with Intellibeam tech direct from SureFire at the link below.


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When I wore the uniform I carried a light just like this but now in the role of retired old guy my days of carrying flashlights costing in the hundreds of dollars are long gone. Today my EDC light costs around $9 and if it gets lost or broken who cares. Don't get me wrong, these are wonderful flashlights for the folks on the front lines (fire, police, security, military) who need something like this. Personally my little 20 lumin light that sits in a pocket and doesn't drag my pants down from the bulk is fine.