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Businessman (age 34)
Hong Kong, China, Finland
I try to keep my EDC minimalistic and non-tactical because I need to go through security checks often. The wallet is huge as I need to carry the passport and cash. I will likely replace the whistle, maybe Outmate Premium Mini Emergency Whistle. I need to get a key organizer to keep the keys quiet. I want to come up with a better way to carry the flashlight, the Leatherman Micra, and the whistle, as I am not happy with Nite Ize and lanyard. Perhaps I will custom make some holster. I am looking for a non-tactical looking pen with a glass breaker or a pen that would work as a kubotan.

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Is that tape on your keys? Lol
Hehe, no, it's not tape. I will try to find something better to keep the keys quiet :D There was a blur function when uploading the photo so I applied it on the keys so that super-criminals will not copy my keys and come to steal my crappy tv-set ;)
Nice gear Lasse! Here's a link to a new EDC pen which we made which doesn't look too tactical!
Thanks, Avi! Looks interesting and will definitely consider acquiring one.
For some strange reason I’m unable at getting ‘Purple Rain’ out of my head:-) Dig the individuality!
I’m unable at getting ‘Purple Rain’ into my head :-)