Imperator TTi 108 Titanium Bolt Action Pen

Imperator TTi 108 Titanium Bolt Action Pen

"Its spring isn’t made of titanium. But literally every other part of Inspirs Design’s Imperator Titanium Bolt Action Pen is machined of this ultralight, ultra-strong metal. The pen employs a three-gear bolt mechanism to convert between pen, capacitive stylus (out of the back side), or its resting state for carry, switching quickly and reliably with just a slide. Every Imperator includes a precision carved titanium pocket clip and fifty waves carved into the forefront of the body that improve grip, though a special edition Tritium version of the pen ($200) also features six tritium tubes inserted in the tail tip which..." (via GearHungry)

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They nailed the clip design. Looks like there might be a ball under the clip tip.