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Imperator TTi 108 Titanium Bolt Action Pen

Everyday Carry
Imperator TTi 108 Titanium Bolt Action Pen

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"Its spring isn’t made of titanium. But literally every other part of Inspirs Design’s Imperator Titanium Bolt Action Pen is machined of this ultralight, ultra-strong metal. The pen employs a three-gear bolt mechanism to convert between pen, capacitive stylus (out of the back side), or its resting state for carry, switching quickly and reliably with just a slide. Every Imperator includes a precision carved titanium pocket clip and fifty waves carved into the forefront of the body that improve grip, though a special edition Tritium version of the pen ($200) also features six tritium tubes inserted in the tail tip which..." (via )

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They nailed the clip design. Looks like there might be a ball under the clip tip.