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Casio G-SHOCK GA700

Jonathan Tayag
Casio G-SHOCK GA700

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If you need a watch that'll keep ticking even after serious hard use, look no further than the G-SHOCK line. It's a name that has become synonymous with extreme ruggedness through dozens of models and decades of demonstration. The recently released Casio GA700 marks a new addition to the G-SHOCK family with a striking 3D hybrid design and improved functionality to match.

The GA700 is a hybrid analog and digital timepiece. Unlike traditionally “flat” analog watch faces, the GA-700 features 3D sculpted hands that improve legibility while making a strong visual impact. Below those hands, you'll find digital readouts that tell time globally in 31 different timezones. Its digital stopwatch and chronometer functions add even more versatility to your timekeeping and can be easily controlled using pushbuttons on the side of the case. The GA-700 is the first G-SHOCK design to employ a large center button to activate a white LED frontlight to read it in the dark.

Of course, being a G-SHOCK, it'll stand up to pretty much anything you throw at it. For most of us, that might mean banging it against a wall, getting caught in the rain, or knocking it around at work. For the more extreme adventurers, it means withstanding water pressure at depths up to 200 meters or dealing with the frigid temperatures out on the trail.

Make it a part of your own everyday carry, and pick the color scheme you want out of the three available at the link below.

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Michael A Diaz ·
The link goes straight to the black one, but if I'm not mistaken after searching Amazon it looks like the colors are black, red, and then black with red highlights.

Overall, I'm liking it.
Gerald Woller ·
This watch may actually make me move away from LCD's and back to an analog look.