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Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Ed Jelley
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

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Want a cool pen for everyday carry, but looking for a change of pace from the all-too-common ballpoint? If you're after an entirely different writing experience—one that's smoother and can even improve your penmanship—pick up a fountain pen. As far as those go, the Lamy Safari is one of the best EDC-ready options out there for both beginners and experienced users alike thanks to its versatility and no-frills functionality.

The Lamy Safari has several features that make it a great place to start for first-time fountain pen users. You can easily swap out the nib (the part that you write with) for one that's broader or finer, letting you dial in your preferred line width without having to buy multiple pens. Its beginner-friendly triangular grip even guides your hand to hold it the right way for the smoothest writing experience. The pen fills with ink via convenient cartridges, or a converter (a piston mechanism that allows you to use bottled ink) that provides even more ink color options.

The Safari's lightweight, sturdy ABS plastic body and unique steel wire clip make it ideal for everyday carry in a shirt or pants pocket and even clipped to a notebook cover. Check out this modern classic via the link below.

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I carry a fountain pen everywhere (except when I fly, of course), and I've currently got about 4 Lamys. These are great starter pens, as they're reliable, have fairly inexpensive cartridges, and are simple in their design.
Eric Bordlee ·
I've carried my safari on multiple flights with no problems. Just remember to place it nib up. I clip it to the seat back pocket, and it is ready to go when I reach my destination!