A highschool senior's school-approved EDC

Southlake, TX
As a retail worker in the outdoor industry EDC is a big part of my day to day, but when I go to school.... things have to change. Luckily my school allows blades under two inches and non-assisted. So I leave the Kershaw Skyline, or the Griptillian Mini in my truck glove box and go about my school day. I thought this would be fun to share because I haven't seen anyone else out there use the Chums Surfshorts as an EDC organizer. Well, I hope you guys enjoy and let me know with any comments.
PS- The 1920 isn't with me on all days but if I wear jeans or tactical cargos I won't be without it.
PPS- I typically have a field notes black dot grid with me but lost mine last week....

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Brandon Murphy ·
Do you like this wallet? I am thinking about purchasing one.
Yeah I love it and haven't had any problems with it. It is reasonably priced also
Brandon Murphy ·
Can it hold very much cash?
I fold the cash into fourths and stick it in the front but the bottom line is no not much