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Fiftyone Bravo ·
How do you like the Lionheart? Im a 1911 guy, and prefer SA pistols and have looked at them often.
It has a grip angle similar to 1911, the pistol is light for all metal 25oz. It's easy to carry and is very accurate. I find it reliable and easy to shoot. The deciding factor is if you can appreciate the double action plus trigger mechanism. I'd recommend it if you're into interesting firearms and OK with a limited after market. I don't think you would have any problems switching from a 1911 platform.
Aaron Pennington ·
That's a great watch. How does it wear with the nato band? I've been thinking of getting one for mine.
Def. recommend NATO bands. I don't think the band really has any pros or cons in terms of wear. Watch came with canvas band initially. I buy these NATO bands off Amazon for 10$. Rotate different one's all the time.