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Grey timber wolf
London, Great Britain (UK)
Add more if traveling or if taking kids to the forest I add my tomahawk and fixed knife and a dedicated survival pouch

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J.S. Leonard ·
Nice setup. I look me Armytek lights, I just wish they were more honest on their lumens and range ratings. The Doberman is rated at 1250 but only peaks at 800 lumens and it comes in over 100 meters short on range. Great light just overhyped by Armytek.
Grey timber wolf ·
Hi, thanks! Tbh I've had so many flashlights over the years and have found the Armytek to be my go to lights, my eagletac flickered, nitecore switch wore out in months, surefire bulb blew, also had gladius , sunwayman, etc both the Doberman and predator are the HI versions and they light up the whole landscape and they go far! I've had no problems with switches or flickering they work in the cold, so far I've found them to be the best I've had, but maybe the others were one off problems but I haven't had any with these so for now I'll stick with them, l may change and each to their own As they say the best flashlight is the one you have with you!
Michael Robinson ·
Are you not worried about being pulled with your knives, thought knives blade 2.5 in or less plus none locking where street legal In UK with valid excuse. Yours are all above,it's a great set up all the same
Grey timber wolf ·
Tbh yes and I have been stopped and I ended talking to the two policmen for about half an hour, I'm 43, they could see I wasn't any kind of 'undesirable ' one ended up asking where he could get the Doberman from! I was lucky but I'm responsible and they saw that, I probably will tone it down for town carry, which damn means I've got to look for a new knife :)
Matt Hielscher ·
What's the knife next to the Lumintop AAA in the pouch?
Grey timber wolf ·
It's a tops knives saw actually, wood and metal very handy bit of kit