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First Tactical Summit Side Satchel

Jonathan Tayag
First Tactical Summit Side Satchel

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For EDC on the go, the last thing you want is a bag that complicates rather than simplifies your life. The ideal bag should have plenty of space and easy access to your gear. With its easy-access external pockets, high-capacity interior, and endless configuration options with MOLLE webbing, the First Tactical Summit Side Satchel gives you the utility and organization you'd want from your bag.

The Summit Side Satchel has a plethora of external pockets that don't require you to open the bag to use. There's space for keys, pens, and other essentials. There's even a pocket underneath the handle that serves as a sunglasses carrier. The back pocket serves two purposes. In its first compartment you can carry documents or other flat and thin objects. There's also a hidden second compartment where you can put your valuables. It also functions as a concealed carry handgun storage space.

The padded main compartment has enough room for you to carry a tablet or an ultraportable laptop. The internal MOLLE webbing lets you put in more organizing pouches. It's accessed via a flap that has two options for closure: hook and loop and traditional snap buckles.

While it is a tactical bag, the Summit Side Satchel keeps things low-profile with external MOLLE that feels like a natural part of the design that doesn't dominate the exterior. The MOLLE area on the front also allows you to add a bit of flair to your carry with its hook and loop patch area.

First Tactical has put together a great utility bag for your carry with the Summit Side Satchel. With strong 1000D nylon construction, you can also have to confidence to take it anywhere. It's even small enough to be a perfect personal bag to carry with you on a plane. You can make the Summit Side Satchel a part of your EDC at the link below.

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Jay Stigdon ·
At 10 x 12.5 x 4.5 it's going to be too small to carry laptops, journals, books, or most anything else -- especially if you are using it as a CCH bag. Of course, covering it with molle webbing and velcro basically screams that you're packing. "Tactical" bags like this one are great for carrying a sidearm, extra ammo, and some extras (like an IFAK), but they fall short of being practical or useful for daily (i.e. going to the office/classroom) needs. Conversely, most laptop/messenger bags are stellar at safely storing a laptop and hauling literature, but are insufficient for also stowing a handgun; especially into a non-permissive environments where "security" may insist on looking inside the bag. The best I've found has been the Maxpedition Larkspur, and even it falls short.
There needs to be a bag that will adequately fulfill both functions. It needs to CONCEAL a sidearm & ammo, yet look and function like a laptop/messenger bag.
10x12 /should/ fit an A4 notebook or two.
Jay Stigdon ·
How often do your daily needs extend to a stenographer's notebook and little else? This is a great bag--for the ranks of the people who buy "tactical" pens and shower shoes.
I was referring to only two dimensions. 4.5 inch depth (again, /should/) is deep enough for several books and/or a laptop with other small items besides. I also commented on my phone and seem to have missed part of your original comment. Yes - the combination of storing laptops and/or large volumes of paper PLUS your sidearm is a difficult one to achieve.

My problem is actually the opposite of your issue with this bag. I've been looking for something to fit the gap between 'glorified man bag' and my Rush 24. Most smaller cross-body bags are great for general carry, but are too small for the largest tools of my trade - A4 paperwork and a clipboard. Most satchels that will fit those things are way too big to carry discretely in the workplace.

To aid context, I live in Australia, so 99.99% of people have no need to conceal carry, but that's a discussion for another day. I even have people (but not LEO) question the fact that I carry two Leatherman multi-tools - a Wave and Style CS.
Mr. Tangent ·
Gerald Villaflores ·
I bought black bag recently during a Black Friday sale. I wanted to replace a small sling bag I use to carry small edc items if I don't want to lug around my work bag. I wish it had a water bottle pouch built in also a zipper on top so I can get to the contents inside without having to open through the tabs from the bottom. Bag is very comfortable to wear. I really wanted to keep the bag but it didn't work for what I wanted it to do. Easy to get to my stuff in a pinch. I ended up gifting it to my brother. He loves the bag. I ended up buying the Vertx EDC Essentials bag.