Traveling IT Technician, Illustrator and Stay At Home dad. Updated Carry*

Nate K
Houston, TX
I am now taking care of a little one so my carry list has changed. There are also things that i haven't included in this list that I keep in my shoulder/diaper/camera bag.Everything but my camera goes in a pocket or on a belt. Maybe I'll do a bag EDC dump soon.

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where did you get your voyej wallet?
the website looks to be a company in india... with only asia locations.
they have really nice stuff... i love natural leather and how it tans over time.
reminds me of bree stuff (european company)
luisology ·
Voyej from Indonesia
TexEx ·
Hey Nate, am a new Dad too. Would love to see your EDC/diaper bag dump. Just got a Filson bag and love it. Have all the baby stuff in there plus all of the stuff I was never able to carry before i carried a bag. Great knives.