Personal Pocket Dump + EDC Pack 2

Student (age 20)
Georgia, USA
Functional and lightweight updated EDC. Every tool for every job.

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J.S. Leonard ·
Very nice! I dig it.
Chase ·
Thanks brother!
craig b ·
Great setup, with some great selections all around!
Thanks brother!
Reynolds ·
The patch with the last name, did you get that custom made or just from serving in military?
Got it on Amazon custom made. Just search "Custom Name Tape Patch."
What I see is little thought over the gear, other than.. this looks cool - I'll throw it in.
I realize keeping to the One is None theory is good, but....
Seven is Six for knifes.
Five is Four flashlights..

To each his own, as long as you're happy with your gear - go get em' Tiger.
Throw it in?
saint_shinobi ·
What pouch did you attach to the side of your bag?
That is the 5.11 Slapstick Water Bottle Pouch.
lieferung ·
Is this a solo backpacking bag?
It is an EDC bag. Just stuff I carry to address situations in day to day life along with some camping gear for impromptu adventures.
Traveler ·
Very good load out. A tool for a very specific job, nice.
Nic Gilbert ·
to many knives and flashlights. why 4+ of each?
Chase ·
What traveler said.
TheDarkDesign ·
What all do you have in your maxpedition pocket organizer?
Sam Epstein ·
What is the silver knife in the bottom right corner?
Hinderer XM-18 3" Wharnecliffe