Chums Key Quiver

Chums Key Quiver

"Cheap. Simple. And effective at rectifying that mess of keys in your pocket. The Chums Key Quiver is made up of a silicone sleeve and a fastener that turn a bundle of keys into a Swiss Army Knife of sorts, albeit one that’s suited to opening doors and locks. Four keys fit inside along with the included tasker tool that adds a few more gadgets to your arsenal, namely a bottle opener, both flathead and..." (via GearHungry)

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Hmm, wonder if the silicone is treated or coated so pocket lint doesn't stick to it.
Anyone have on of these?
I do, and it will definitely stick to fabric. The material is very squishy and has no rigidity to it. I like it because it keeps my keys organized but I never carry them in my pocket; I think this may be a frustrating product for those that do.