Road trip vacation carry

Heesoo Shin
Rph (age 37)
Houston, Texas
I think I carry too much stuff while on vacation

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J.S. Leonard ·
Very nice! Love my P938. Dig the Fiddleback Forge, how do you like it? Picked up a LT Wright Patriot recently and love it.
Heesoo Shin ·
I love fiddlebacks and have a growing collections (30 or so) I'm never buying a fixed knife from anyone else ever again

I have a p938 but it shoots low :-( not horrible at 20 ft but still not the precision I like out of my pistols
J.S. Leonard ·
The way to fix the 938 shooting low is to ensure your finger is at the top of the trigger. This has been proven to cure this due to the trigger being a pivot style.
Heesoo Shin ·
Cool will have to take it out again