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Gorgon Loop KeyClip

Mikey Bautista
Gorgon Loop KeyClip

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From clips to climbing carabiners, there's a ton of ways to carry your keychain. They're great for freeing up your pockets while still keeping your EDC handy, but sometimes take a bit too much space themselves. Or needing that extra step to unfasten or unhook just to get to your gear. Simple and lightweight, Gorgon Loop's KeyClip slides onto a pocket or belt loop without any fuss, suspending your gear without getting in your way.

The KeyClip is made from skeletonized titanium and stainless steel, making it strong enough to carry the heaviest of keychains but remaining light itself. It's thin and narrow so it can act like another key on the ring. A bottle opener is integrated into the KeyClip, with the “bump” in its design helping with retention on the clip side and also letting you help yourself to a cold one when needed.

A little suspense in life is always good. There's plenty of time to back the KeyClip in your choice of material and design (Gorgon Loop also offers a version with just the bottle opener) at the Kickstarter link below.

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Ruminator ·
I actually fashioned a "hanger" for my SmartKey. I tied a loop of paracord (neutral color) of the correct length such that my SmartKey hangs at the correct position. I loop the paracord around my belt and draw it back through itself in a larkshead knot or cows hitch. That makes attachment and removal easy and with a neutral color no one notices my lanyard.
I find it interesting to get the limited titanium option charges a $6 US shipping fee when the regilar stainless steel option one does not. It's not like titanium is heaver or anything...
Hexagon ·
Isn't it more or less a pickpocket with more straight lines?
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