the stuff I tote around

The watch and knife are switched out almost daily, but the rest has been fairly consistent for quite awhile.

the picture was taken with a Nexus 7 (2013) which is generally always with me too.

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dwhite ·
Hey Kevin. Great setup!
Can tell me where you got the pocket clip on your ZT450? Mine came with a different clip that doesn't put the knife down in the pocket like your clip will.
I just bought one, call Kai customer service and they will send you a deep carry clip for free. If you want the emerald spacers from the cf they will send you those as well.
sorry for the late response. yes, kai will send you a deep pocket clip. i do find that it lands differently on the lock bar so adds pressure to the detent when flipping if i'm not careful. but overall definitely worth it.
Great set up dude!
thanks guys. i've been at this a long time. have definitely gone through enough stuff to find what works for me and what doesn't.