M/20 college student, all-day essentials

Russell Romney
Student (age 20)
Moscow, Idaho
This EDC, while pretty heavy, saves me a lot of mental effort. I always know where my stuff is and I can access it easily. You can tell a lot about me by my EDC: I overwhelmingly prefer paper to electronic for everything except for daily news; I prefer quality electronics; Herbal tea (especially anything with ginger) is my wife, coffee and Earl Grey, my mistresses; I prioritize preparation to portability -- I'm no minimalist; I read quite a bit, and not just books.

Without further ado:

1. Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones have 40-hour battery, beautiful sound, and great noise-cancelling, and they have changed my life. I charge them once a week and enjoy them so very very much.
2. I use these Bose SoundTrue Ultra in-ear buds for daily exercise and for backup when my QC35s are dead or if it is raining. Excellent sound quality and very small with great design.
3. Moleskine Classic 5x8 leather-bound dotted notebook. I use this for my take on the Bullet Journal, mixing the functionality of a personal journal with a to-do list and a normal notebook.
4. Apple iPhone 6S Plus, space gray with the official tan leather case from Apple. I recently switched from the LG G5 and am satisfied so far. I would have gotten a 7 Plus, but I'm not quite ready for no 3.5mm jack.
5. I switched from the original Pebble to this Pebble Time Round 20mm. I love the slim design and interchangeable straps. 2-day battery life ain't bad, either for its relatively low price. Sadly, Fitbit just bought Pebble and the company shut down. Will probably end up getting a Fitbit Charge 2 within the next year or two for its better sleep and fitness tracking features.
6. Metal fork and spoon, for eating homemade lunch every day.
7. Jansport backpack. Had this bad boy since high school. Spacious, simple, and easy to access
8. Field notes, cherry cover. I use this as a back pocket journal and for tearing out pages for whatever reason. Most stuff in it gets transferred to my Moleskine.
9. Extra gum is the best way to make friends
10. Post-it page flags for organizing my Moleskine
11. Lead for mechanical pencil
12. Apple MagSafe 60W power adaptor
13. Contigo Autoseal 16oz travel mug is totally waterproof and super simple to use and clean; for coffee or tea on the go, never does milk or sugar enter its confines (cleaning sucks)
14. Leather bi-fold wallet from Ecuador that my then-girlfriend bought for me on a trip. Has held up decently for more than two years and I like it despite the suboptimal vertical-fold design.
15. Tylenol
16. Caffeine pills, 100mg
17. BIC Mark-It black felt-tip permanent marker blows sharpies out of the water
18. Pilot G2 0.38 gel pen went from backup to daily driver once I discovered the 0.38
19. Pilot Precise V5 RT is the retractable and refillable version of the classic Precise V5 and was my daily driver for two years before I discovered the joys of 0.38, but I keep it as a backup for sentimental value
20. 4-5 tea bags, usually herbal teas and usually Stash brand which WinCo sells in bulk for 10 cents a pop. Great for curing restlessness and dehydration during late-night studying sessions.
21. Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13", Late 2013, 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM that I recently switched to from a Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 14" just because the hardware is better. I run Windows 10 on it in Bootcamp about half the time to use finance programs not offered for Mac.
22. PaperPro inJOY 12 Nano mini stapler has power assist that makes stapling easy; I use it probably 2-3 times a day for homework, notes printouts, and lending it to others. The best $2.50 I've ever spent at Walmart.
23. Aveeno body lotion
24. TI-30XII calculator that I've had since middle school; I use it for exams for economics, finance, and statistics
25. Pentel Twist-Erase III 0.5 mechanical pencil for exams, homework and crosswords
26. Most recent paper edition of The Economist for in-between reading
27. Most recent paper edition of the University of Idaho newspaper, The Argonaut. Published twice-weekly and containing pretty decent journalism.
28. All school folders, notebooks, and textbooks. I'm a sucker for paper, if you haven't noticed.
29. Keys
30. Whatever book I'm reading at the moment - I do listen to audiobooks and I have quite a few ebooks in EPUB format, but I again prefer paper.
31. Manzella fleece gloves are necessary from Oct-Apr in northern Idaho
32. Lip balm (currently using a free stick from a local hospital, mango flavor)

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