Strategic Survival Cache EDC #14

Erik G
Homestead, FL
This is a good idea for a survival cache (hidden stash). Easily concealable tactical pouch with supplies that can be hidden anywhere you might need to give you a strategic advantage should SHTF. Basic supplies that help you get to your destination more efficiently. I put this together a few weeks ago, so I know I probably have some items I should add to this. Please let me know what you can come up with.

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SteveTheWoods ·
Whistle is a good idea, I'm not sure how useful a small compass is going to be, especially if you don't have a map. If you need to use this kit in unfamiliar areas a map and a compass with a rotating bezel could be useful. Cordage of some sort could be a handy addition. As you have fire making tools a water container that you can use on a fire would allow you to sterilise water by boiling.