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Ontario RAT-1 D2 CF

Jonathan Tayag
Ontario RAT-1 D2 CF

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That could be said about the Ontario RAT-1, one of the most popular tactical folding knives in the EDC community. But if you want a change of pace from the tactical look, Ontario Knife Company offers this excellent blade as a hard use, bona fide gent's knife. And it's not just a stylistic change, either. With the addition of a stronger blade steel, a handle with better grip and premium materials all around, the RAT-1 D2 CF is worth checking out.

The original RAT-1 has always been known as a hard-use knife. Moving from AUS-8 to an even hardier D2 steel in the blade solidifies that role. D2 is a higher carbon steel that's also more durable. This means that this premium RAT-1 will hold a sharp edge longer than the standard model. Everything else that makes the RAT-1 great hasn't changed: It keeps the 3.625" drop point shape that's excellent for all of your cutting and slicing needs. It also keeps the top jumping next to the handle, giving you extra control during close up work.

The new handle does away from the glass-filled nylon found in the original. In its place is the far more premium combination of a carbon fiber panel on one side and G10 scaling on the other. This both maximizes your grip on the knife while providing an attractive set of patterns to look at when you aren't using it. Aside from that, the handle shape conforms to your grip, providing a guard against accidentally cutting yourself on your own blade. Last but not least, it also features a super convenient four way pocket clip. Whether you carry in your left or right pockets, tip up or down, this knife will work for you.

If you're looking for a tactical folder to make a part of your everyday carry, take a look at this new update to an old classic. It's a tried and tested design that's only gotten better with time. Even if you're a satisfied owner of the original, the new steel and handle is definitely a step above.

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Michael Brousseau ·
I own the GFN, D2 version. It's a great knife; a little big for my edc use, but I do take it hiking/camping. This is a heavy duty knife that will serve you well.