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Have You Carried the Saddleback Leather ID Wallet?

Mikey Bautista
Have You Carried the Saddleback Leather ID Wallet?

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Editor's Note: In this series, we revisit tried-and-true EDC classics from over the years to see if they hold up alongside today's latest and greatest, and recommend the best gear to carry instead if they don't.

When shopping for EDC gear, it seems like you can't make two clicks without running into a minimalist wallet. They're everywhere these days, in every material and configuration and style, and color you can think of. But this wasn't always the case. Before the age of metal plates and elastic bands, there were few options for trimming down your back pocket brick of a wallet. And while slim wallets did exist, few got it as right as Saddleback's iconic ID Wallet.

What Is It? Why Was It Popular?

Saddleback took a simple concept and executed it to perfection. They put together thick, tough, full-grain leather (that developed a great patina over time) with strong pigskin lining and marine-grade thread and cut it into a minimalist design, giving you wallet that could easily slip into your front pocket.

It was intentionally sparse: one ID pocket slot with a cutout (with no plastic that could get cloudy or crack), and a card slot behind, both of which eventually expanded to hold up to 12 cards once broken in. This designed encouraged you to think about what essentials you really needed day to day, as you couldn't fit every card, receipt, or tchotchke into it like you could with a bigger wallet.

Should You Still Carry It Today?

Absolutely. It's still a wallet that sets the standard of efficient design, and it doesn't get more efficient than a thick piece of leather cut to the perfect functional size. No more, no less. Its use of quality materials guarantees its longevity, and a wallet that's aged gracefully with patina is unmatched for adding character to any carry.

Our Recommendation

You can't go wrong with the Saddleback ID wallet. It's got a classic design with quality enough to last a lifetime, and they sure don't make them like they used to.

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If the Saddleback isn't exactly what you're looking for (or looking for something a bit different), you're in luck. Since its release, a lot of other brands have entered the market, and some have even done their own spin on the leather front-pocket wallet. Of course, you can take your pick with all the aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber plate-and-band style that's everywhere from Kickstarter to Amazon too. We've listed a few of our favorites below.

I'm sure quite a few of you probably bought a Saddleback ID wallet a while ago and still carry it today. Did you ever carry one? How’d it work out for you? Are you still using it today, and if not, what did you replace it with? Let us know with your comments.

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Mike ·
I use a Craft + Lore! BEAUTIFUL wallet!
Aaron ·
I have had mine for about 4 year I think. The quality is top notch and it is a very comfortable wallet to carry. From time to time I switch it out for something else just to mix it up but always end up back with the saddleback. I tend not to carry cash and very few cards so it works perfectly for me.
appdev ·
Nivisto leather Annandale for me. Thin kangaroo leather, 2 card pockets and one cash pocket. Perfect for me.
Jim ·
It looks good but I carry the tyni wallet. It can hold cash very well. That is something a lot of these sleeve wallets can't do.
Newlin ·
I carried it for about 4 years, then finally had to switch to a billfold (Winter Session, received as a gift) because I was carrying more cash around after our son was born. Ice cream trucks don't take cards, hahah. The Winter Session wallet is a much thinner leather, but it's well made and feels like a nice lightweight carry.
Jim Anders ·
Have carried this for at least 2 years now and probably love it more now than when I first received it. This is the only slim wallet that I've carried that has not only been the perfect combination of size and function, but handles the rigors of every day carry. 12/10 would recommend for anyone.
Cole Turner ·
Jack Weber ·
I carried the saddleback card sleeve wallet and loved it. I carried it about 3 years and then a week long business trip to Vegas, where I needed to carry a few extra cards I dont normally carry, stretched it to the point of no return. I couldnt use it anymore. To replace it, I got the ID wallet. I didnt care for it much. Seemed like the layers of leather sewn together just made it too thick. Today, the Nomatic Basics wallet is my only carry.
Dave Heff ·
I've carried my Saddleback for about a year, and still love it. I switched from a bifold that I kept in a rear pocket to the front pocket Saddleback mainly for 2 reasons: comfort and to reduce what I carry on the daily in my wallet. Kind of sucks not having cash for tips, but it's been a far superior experience in all other aspects. Also, to help with the reduction of credit cards, I've started using Apple Pay on my phone.
Minja ·
Any type of wallet that exposes the cards will cause cuts, bends, scruff, and damages. At least with my experience.
craig b ·
Anyone tried the Mitchell Leather money clip wallet? I'm thinking about giving it a try.
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