The Man From the Broken Hills

Justin Glass
Landscaper (age 24)
Independence, LA
Doing some light reading of my early start to the weekend. I'm a huge fan of western paperbacks. Especially Louis L'Amour. I have a few updates for my weekend carry. Two Tec accessories suspension clips. One on my pry tool and one on the Swiss Army. Highly recommended those. I got an Exotac matchsafe. Works well so far. Timex expedition is new and of course it's a fantastic watch as we all know. And my favorite update is the Amicus. Pavel from Picaroon Tools inspired me to snag one of these and it is a superb knife. The feel of the knife in hand is one of the best I've come across so far. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Hope you guys and gals enjoy.

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Mathew Carver ·
Coffee, a nice smoke and a good book? My kind of carry. Looking good brother!
Justin Glass ·
Thanks man. I love me some cigars and coffee.
Pav k ·
Really nice photo ! I'll repost it soon :) And glad you've liked the amicus !
Justin Glass ·
Thanks man
Scott Wicksted ·
Brought back some memories with the LLamour novel. They were all great reads! Classic western stories with strong characters! Nice kit too!
Justin Glass ·
Yea they are. I like to go back to a simple western. I grew up reading these. Reminds me of simpler times.
Ryan ·
CRKT, western book, coffee: my kind of carry! Nice set up.
Justin Glass ·
Thanks man. Highly recommend the Amicus. Great knife.
Avery Ellis Herman ·
From personal experience i can say that is quiet an enjoyable smoke.
Justin Glass ·
I love them. I go around once a month to new Orleans and pick up and few. Often I spend a couple hours in there smoking and hanging out. So you've been to the Cigar Factory in New Orleans?
Avery Ellis Herman ·
Definitely, was in the area for a conference and dropped in.