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Boker Plus Office Survival

Jonathan Tayag
Boker Plus Office Survival

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It's hard to find the right EDC knife for an office environment. That's because traditional knives, even classy ones, can bring unwanted attention. If you want a knife that's low profile and discreet at work, the Boker Plus Office Survival is for you. It's an ergonomic pen knife that looks right at home at your desk or clipped to your pocket like any other pen at work.

The Office Survival is a collaboration design with custom maker Jim Wagner. It emphasizes tactical ergonomics and light duty performance in a familiar, discreet form factor. With a flick of the thumbstud, you'll find a useful 1.75" 440C stainless steel drop-point blade. Its shape and long ergonomic handle makes it great for cutting open letters and boxes. And unlike most penknives, the blade has a liner lock that keeps it safe and in place during more strenuous work. While you won't be able to write with it, it does include a tablet stylus protected by a screw cap.

If you haven't felt comfortable with your office EDC options, try out the Office Survival. It's a great way to carry a capable knife where you need it without raising too many eyebrows. Pick one up for yourself at the link below.

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